Enterprise Computing & Service Management (ECSM)

Fall 2012 - Under Construction

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Special UC rates are being offered through the following vendors, call in and identify yourself as a UC employee to request discount. Offers subject ot change and may be limited to specific courses.


Computer Manuals Available at Your Workstation

  • The University Library has computer manual "e-books" which may be accessed from your desktop at http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/ENGI/netlibrary-ebooks.html - You may use them at work or at home via the library proxy server.
  • Thanks to our innovative colleagues in the Engineering Library the campus now has access to over 150 computer manuals in electronic format from O'Reilly & Associates. You may access them from your office desktop by going to http://safari.oreilly.com/ Remote use is provided through the library proxy server for UCB faculty, staff, and students http://proxy.lib.berkeley.edu/



Contact Information:

ECSM Help Desk

S545 Student Services Building
Haas School of Business
Berkeley, CA 94720-1900


Phone: (510) 642-0434



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Social Media Business Basics