How do I Perform Searches in Outlook Web Access?
Performing Basic and Advanced Searches
To perform a basic search, type the text you wish to search in the box with a magnifying glass and hit Enter. By
default this will search the From, Subject, and the body text of all messages in the current folder.
To perform a more advanced search, click on the double arrow next to the basic search box.
How Do I Perform Searches In Outlook Web Access? (Continued)
Under Advanced Search options, users can control search parameters, such as where to search in an
individual message (i.e. Subject and message body), message senders, and search categories.
Note: Something new for Outlook 2007 is the option called "Categories", which can be used to organize
messages. To change the category of an e-mail, click on the bar under the column with colored squares. Check
the category or categories under which you would like to place a message, and then click somewhere else on the
screen. Once you have put messages into categories, you can also search by these categories when looking for
To change the location that you search to include all folders or all subfolders of the current folder, click on the
single arrow next to the magnifying glass and select the location in which you would like to search.
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