How do I Recover Purged Items from the Deleted Items Folder?
If your mail is handled by the Microsoft Exchange server, it is possible to recover certain types of permanently
purged mail WITHIN 21 DAYS of the deletion. Before continuing, if you have done the following to your purged
mail, you WILL NOT be able to recover it:
If you pressed Shift+Delete to delete the item.
If you're on POP3 or IMAP4 and you purge a message without first deleting it.
If you delete an item and then purge the Deleted Items folder before syncing with Exchange.
Microsoft calls these "hard" deletes because they don't pass through the Deleted Items folder and treats hard
deletes like any other deleted item. With that said, let us now recover your mail.
a. Open Outlook.
b. Highlight and click the Deleted Items container (it looks like a recycle bin).
c.  Then select Tools > Recover Deleted Items from the flyout menu.
NOTE: If you do not see Recover Deleted Items, press the expand arrow at the bottom of the flyout menu.
How Do I Recover Purged Items from the Deleted Items Folder? (Continued)
This opens a Recover Deleted Items From--Deleted Items window.
Select the item(s) you want to recover.
Click the Recover Selected Items button (It looks like an envelope).
The Item is now back in the Deleted Items Folder.
Note: For Calendar entries, when you click the Recover button the entries will be put back where they
were on your calendar.
a. Go to the Deleted Items Folder and Select the message or messages that you would like to recover from
the Deleted items folder, right click on one of them and choose the Move to Folder option. Then browse
to the folder you would like to move the messages to. You can also select the messages you want to
recover and drag them to the folder of your choice.
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