HCS Multimedia Tutorials Creating PDF Files
Introduction: The Adobe Portable Document Format is a file format that allows users to distribute
documents for viewing and printing on any system with the original appearance of the document
preserved. Adobe Acrobat Reader, used to view PDF files, is a free program that is available for
download from the Adobe web site. You can create Adobe PDF files from many different kinds of file
formats, although it is most common to create PDF files from Microsoft Word or Excel file formats.
Create the PDF File:
 Click on the File Menu.
Create The
 Select Print.
PDF File
 Click on the drop down menu for
Printer Name.
 Select Adobe Distiller.
 Click the Ok button, which will open
Adobe Acrobat.
Note: Do not attempt to use the Create
Adobe PDF button or the Create Adobe
PDF selection in the File Menu. These
selections will not work. Also, you can
select Acrobat PDFWriter in the Printer
Name drop down menu but it is not as
complete as Adobe Distiller.
Save the PDF File:
Final Step
 Click on the File Menu.
 Select Save As.
Save the PDF
 Select the appropriate directory in the
Save As window.
 Type in a name in the File name field.
 Click the Save button.
Note: If the Adobe Acrobat window did not
appear than you can find the PDF version
of your document in C:\Program
Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\PDF Output.
From there you can rename the file and
move it into the appropriate directory.
Created by Darrin Ward
Edited by DW on January 6, 2000