Haas Computing Services(HCS) recommends buying one of the "Haas Recommended Configurations" from Dell. These models are designed to work well in the Haas environment, using  recommended hardware that we know to be reliable and easily maintainable with strong compatibility. These configurations also provide a volume discount over the standard academic pricing.

To purchase from Dell,

1)Access Dell at Dell Premier Portal >Standard Configurations>Haas School of Business Configurations>
2)Select the model you would like to order
3)Choose customize and select the additional options you would like
4)Add to cart and then "SAVE AS E-QUOTE"
5)Enter your personal information, and under Authorized buyer, choose to send an email to "Haas Purchasing" from the dropdown.
6)Optionally, you can enter an additional email such as the email of the Haas technical support provider who is assisting you
7)Choose submit
8)When you recieve the equote in your email, forward this email to purchasing@haas.berkeley.edu with your chartstring so that HCS can process your order.

Alternatively, you can login to the same link above and select your own model from all of Dell's offerings, following the same procedure to save your configuration as an E-QUOTE. Or, you can select the model from another vendor, and send the specs to purchasing@haas.berkeley.edu with a chartstring in order to process the order.

At the Dell premier portal site, the Haas recommended configurations include 5 models:

Performance Desktop (Recommended Desktop option)-Optimal configuration for most staff, faculty, and PhD purchases at the best price. It can run single or dual monitors. Energy Smart technology.

High Performance Desktop-Only really helpful for users who run CPU intensive applications locally such as Matlab or Intercooled Stata. Most research users should leverage the power of the Haas research servers so the standard performance workstation is more than enough to run the remote server clients and standard business software.

Mobility Laptop-a compact laptop for frequent travellers. We recommend choosing the 9 cell battery over the 6 cell and using the CD/Floppy externally when needed. 12 inch screen. About 3 pounds.

Balanced Laptop-a balance of size and performance and screen size for occasional travellers at the best cost. Good for office and home docking. 14 inch screen. About 4 pounds.

Performance Laptop-a higher performance laptop for users who need a larger screen size and often use their laptop as their primary machine. 15 inch screen. About 5 pounds.

All laptop models can be fitted with docking stations for use with external monitors, keyboards, and mice, and all of them have builtin wireless suitable for Haas Airbears.  The desktop models include one monitor in the default price so be sure to deselect if you don't need a new monitor. Although, the specs report the machines will be installed with Vista Home Edition, they will most likely be configured with Windows XP by the HCS support staff when the machine arrives. When Vista is supported at Haas during the coming year, HCS will insure that Vista Enterprise Edition is installed by Dell at the factory or on-site when the machine arrives. Haas has a site license for Vista, and it is cheaper to purchase the model with Home edition from the Dell store and use our license instead.