How Do I Backup my Workstation


Outlined below are some available options for backing up data:

Workstation backups (UCBackup and TSM)

Haas Technology Solutions recommends the UCBackup service to backup all critical data on your workstation.

Campus Information Services & Technology offers the UCBackup service to campus departments for backing up individual workstations. The UCBackup cost can be minimal when compared to the time savings of recreating lost data. This technology requires client software on individual workstations and a valid UCBackup account. 

The UCBackup team manages a large tape library. This system is responsible for backups throughout the campus community. IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager(TSM) software provides robust client/server software for a reliable and configurable backup solution. Client support is offered at Haas for both Solaris and Windows workstations. To ensure availability of data during a catastrophe, tapes are stored at a secure offsite storage location.

To learn more about UCBackup, visit:

Server storage space (H:\ and I:\ drives)

Haas students have access to the H:\ drive while Faculty & Staff may access the I:\ drive. All data servers are backed up nightly. A full backup of each server is performed twice monthly. Any file changed since the last full backup will be backed up during the nightly incremental backup. This full-incremental scheme saves time and resources. Server disk space is allocated and managed with individual quotas to ensure equitable distribution of resources.

The Haas backup server manages a tape library of over 150 tapes using Legato Networker software. Legato Networker is an enterprise backup solution capable of global systems management. Each tape has a capacity of 35-70gb with compression. We use a 15 slot and a 30 slot autochanger to manage the working set of tape volumes. This helps ease administration of our tape space and speeds recovery of your data.  Haas servers run anti virus software to ensure your data remains virus free. Norton AntiVirus software is continually updated to ensure maximum effectiveness as a countermeasure against new viruses.

Portable, Removable Media

There are many options for portable, removable media. USB/Thumb drives and external hard drives of varied storage capacities (from hundreds of GBs to several TBs)
are affordable and usable options. 

These types of media, however, are not recommended as primary backup solutions as they may fail without notice. Recovery of vital data from these media failures 
may be cost prohibitive. 

updated: 27 August 2015 /elk