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MBA Resources

Computing Resources

Update your CalNet Directory listing to access bCourses material via Study.net

Create your AirBears2 Key

Set your bConnected email default

Add Haas printers: for Windows 7 / 8

Add Haas printers: for Mac OS

Get software from UCB Software Central

File Collaboration Options: bDrive vs. Box (infographic)

Video Conferencing Options: BlueJeans vs. Hangouts (infographic)


Screen Sharing through Solstice

Collaborate on one display using any device, any OS by screen sharing through the Solstice wireless display application. Click here to set up your device and start casting.


Learn more about Screen Sharing through Solstice.


Running PC Software on a Mac

Need to run PC versions of Office apps like Excel on Mac via remote desktop or software like Fusion or Parallels? View your options.


Learn more in the Mac Support How Do I page.


Faculty & Staff Websites (I: Drives)

(For Faculty & Staff Only) Learn more about accessing and mapping your I: Drive here.


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